The Story




I am a Texas native and my formal background is in education and social work. I am a self-taught jewelry designer and have been designing jewelry as a hobby for the past 10 years. I moved to Atlanta a little over 5 years ago for a social work position with a small nonprofit. Approximately nine months later, due to budget cuts, I was laid off. Several years later I was laid off again from another job, had a difficult time finding work in my field and began questioning my career path.

 After pumping out resume after resume and not having any success, I decided to take a break one day to go shopping at one of my favorite boutiques. I was wearing a large vintage cross necklace I designed and shortly after I walked into the store,  the owner mentioned my necklace caught her eye. When I told her I designed it, she asked me to bring in some of my other pieces for her to see and prospectively sell in her store. I was thrilled and of course I said yes, as I had never considered selling it in the retail market before. An hour or so later, I walked into another boutique a few doors down and the same thing happened! The store manager commented on my necklace and wanted to see some more of my pieces. I decided to start my own business, open an online store and Shae Taylor Designs was born!

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia with my dog Frankie, the "real boss" behind my company. To maintain a body/mind/spirit balance, I enjoy running and kickboxing and writing in my journal in the early hours of the morning each day.