Give Back

Shae Taylor Designs donates a portion of the proceeds of each to Safe Passage, an educational program in Guatemala City that serves the children and families living in the slums of the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. Part of the mission of Shae Taylor Designs is to bring awareness and support to the struggles faced by these families. As a teacher and social worker, Shae is a long-term volunteer with Safe Passage and has witnessed first-hand the harsh reality of the inhabitable conditions these families call home. Over 3000 family members of the Guatemala City Dump community receive some type of support from Safe Passage, including 600 children participating in Early Childhood and Educational Reinforcement programs and 100 parents participating in Adult Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship programs.

Part of the proceeds of each sale goes directly to support the families of Safe Passage. To learn more about Safe Passage and the ways you can get involved, visit